Custom Whiteboard & Explainer Videos

Whether you’re a startup, small business or a multi-million dollar company, our custom whiteboard videos will help you…

  • Differentiate yourself from your competition
  • Simplify complicated procedures and messages so your viewers can take action
  • Impress your audience with unusual, easier-to-understand & engaging video
  • Increase sales and conversions with the power of hand-drawn engagement
  • Explain your product or service in a way that anyone can understand

Our pricing depends on the length of video, whether you want us to provide a video script and/or voice-over or if you prefer to provide your own.  We work with very talented copywriters and over 20 different voice talents who can convert your script into a very powerful and engaging video.

Starting at



  • 100% custom drawings
  • 1 finished minute of video
  • Storyboard
  • All our exported vidoes are delivered to you in HD. Final video provided in MP4 format. MP4s allows for streaming via the internet and is compatible with iPad/iPhones, etc

Optional Services

  • Motion Animation
  • Voice Narration
  • Video script writing
  • Creative Brief Development
  • Character Development
  • Spot or Full Color
  • Background Music
  • Sounds Effects English Whiteboard Video French Whiteboard Video

Fidelity Investments Whiteboard Video

Line Animation Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard Music Video

Chevron CBU Whiteboard Video

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